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How many rounds does the FA Cup have? This is a question many fans ask about this exciting tournament. We often wonder and want to learn more useful information, which can be continued in the content below

What is the FA Cup?

FA stands for Football Association – One of the events with a long history in the United Kingdom. The FA Cup officially debuted in the soccer world in 1871 with the licensing of the English Football Association, to provide a playground for clubs.

England is a country that owns many famous, professional football teams such as MU, Arsenal, Liverpool,… Since its launch, the FA Cup has received the support of many fans and teams with rich traditions. system. Up to now, this tournament is increasingly booming with the participation of not only big clubs but also small and medium sized ones.

History of the formation of the FA Cup

The Football Association in the United Kingdom issued general rules for the king’s sport, which was the result of unifying different rules, previously used by many clubs in 1863. By the time The FA Cup was launched in 1871, the President of the English Football Association proposed a global event and sent invitations to many clubs.

The inaugural season of the FA Cup in 1871 – 1872 was open to all teams competing in England. This shows professionalism and provides a playground for all clubs, whether professional or amateur. These teams are also capable of defeating many teams participating in the Premier League.

How many rounds are there in the FA Cup in the official tournament?

The question of how many rounds the FA Cup has is asked by many people, especially fans who want to follow and cheer for their favorite team participating in the tournament. This event currently has a total of 737 teams, starting the season from August this year to May next year, along with the Premier League. The format of the FA Cup is specifically regulated:

The event has 12 official rounds and ends with semi-finals and finals. Clubs participating in the knockout round and the top team in the rankings do not need to participate in the qualifying round but can start from round 7.

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The FA Cup plays until the end of round 5, then finds 8 teams to play in the quarterfinals to win tickets to the semi-finals, then finds 2 teams to reach the final round and win.

As of 2016 – 2017, the organizers have adjusted the format in the quarterfinals. The two tied clubs will play 30 minutes of extra time and a penalty shootout instead of a replay like in previous seasons.

During a match, both teams have the right to substitute 4 substitute players on the field.

The club that lifts the trophy in the Football Association will meet the Premier League champion in the English Super Cup final.

Other information about the FA Cup competition

After being asked how many rounds the FA Cup has, fans should learn some other important information about the season such as participation rights and the team that has lifted the championship trophy. Specifically:

Benefits when participating

When participating in the FA Cup event, the club, whether winning or losing, receives many attractive benefits, so every season attracts many registered teams. Typically the cost is up to £11,000/match. In addition, there are the following benefits:

Small clubs have the opportunity to compete with many large clubs that normally have little opportunity to interact and compete.

Winning against a famous team also helps the small club affirm its current position in the soccer world.

Matches in the tournament attract not only fans but also the media, especially important rounds such as quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals.

The team was a champion

Besides information about how many rounds the FA Cup has, the issue of which teams have won the championship is also of interest. The following are statistics on the number of times the clubs have lifted the trophy:

Arsenal raised a total of 14 times, starting from 1930 to 2020.

Manchester United lifted the FA Cup a total of 12 times, starting from 1909 to 2016.

Chelsea has won the Football Association championship eight times, starting in 1970 and most recently in 2021.

Tottenham had the honor of lifting the trophy 8 times equal to Chelsea from 1901 to 1991.

Liverpool is next with 7 championships from 1965 to 2006.

Through this, we were asked how many rounds the FA Cup has, fans learned the history of its formation and important information related to the UK’s big season.

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