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Table tennis betting is one of the favorite subjects of sports enthusiasts and is suitable for online betting. How do members experience attractive betting? What are the rules for playing according to specific standards? What tips do you use to increase your chances of winning? These issues will be shared by jilievo in the content of the article!

Many people love table tennis betting because they can experience a variety of different odds. You can freely search and choose the most suitable type, typically with:

Over/Under odds: The dealer will predict the final score and you choose Over or Under.

Odd-even bet: The player determines whether the final result will end with an even or odd score.

Bet on the final winning team: You think the team has more potential to bet on.

Handicap: Two players with different strengths need a handicap to create symmetry and drama in each bet.

Instructions for playing standard table tennis betting

Members who want to experience table tennis betting effectively and safely need to grasp information about the rules, scoring methods as well as the experience process at the house. Below is information shared by players with many games:

Rules for participating in ta@ble tennis betting

The participation law is the most important issue that any member needs to understand. This is a factor that helps you confidently experience, avoid temptation and control the game:

Rules for participating in table tennis betting

Betting sessions are open continuously 24/7 and you can easily update the table tennis match schedule right on the VG99 homepage to choose the appropriate odds.

In case the match is scheduled but not held, the entire bet is no longer valid and the house will refund the bettor’s capital.

About 1 minute and 30 seconds before the table tennis match starts, the system closes the betting portal and players no longer have the right to bet on table tennis.

When a member places money on any athlete, but this player cannot play, the bet is no longer valid and the capital will be returned.

The house will base its payout on the final results announced by the organizers.

If the match is not completed according to regulations, the player’s bet for the first half will still be counted as normal.

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Scoring rules

Before betting, you should not ignore the scoring rules when playing table tennis because this ensures transparency and avoids the risk of fraud. The way to determine the score for a tennis player is as follows:

The goal of each table tennis player is to score 11 points before the opponent.

The two sides compete against each other and have 5 games/match. When either player wins 3 consecutive games, he will win and end the match.

After each game, the two sides will exchange places to ensure absolute fairness.

If you want to win against the opposing team, the result needs to be a difference of 2 points. Therefore, if the score is tied at 10 – 10, 2 more kicks are needed until the difference is 2 points.

Scoring rules for table tennis

Rookies on the first day of participating in table tennis betting need to follow standard procedures to help them quickly get used to it and not violate the rules of being eliminated from the game. Operations at VG99 are optimized into the following simple steps:

Step 1: Players register a new account or log in to an existing account at the official link of bookmaker VG99.

Step 2: You check your game wallet and deposit money into your account to have betting capital.

Step 3: Select the “Sports” section on the VG99 homepage => Choose the appropriate lobby and table tennis sport.

Step 4: Participants check the odds and place money in a potential form. Then wait for the end of the match to get results to determine win/loss.

Table tennis betting tips from experts

Anyone who participates in table tennis betting needs to be equipped with experience in playing with masters to optimize the house’s chances of winning. Specifically, useful tips include:

Rookies need to carefully learn the rules of table tennis to avoid violating the requirements or even being eliminated from the game. This also helps you confidently participate and not be confused.

Carefully grasp the information of each player to make the correct choice, typically with achievements, confrontation history, tactics,…

Newbies should start with small bets and little capital, then increase capital when understanding table tennis betting to improve rewards.

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